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Pictured above: Dan O'Driscoll, Joseph Kentner, Angela Bonacasa, Don Kilcoyne, Suzanne O'Hare and Lionel Ruland (not pictured: Robin Flanagan and Karen Komornik)

Our group, the Crimson Pirates, was born when original member, Dan O'Driscoll wrote, choreographed and directed the fight/stunt show, Buccaneer's Brawl at the New York Renaissance Faire in 1996. The cast comprised current CP members Robin Flanagan, Don Kilcoyne, Karen O'Hara, Dan O'Driscoll and Lionel Ruland. The stage show also included Angela Bonacasa, Joseph Kentner and Suzanne O'Hare. Two rival pirate crews fought over possession of a treasure map. Our multi-talented crew of fighters/singers/musicians also performed song sets for patrons throughout the faire.

Since that initial production at NYRF, we have gone through a number of crew changes - retaining several of our original band members. In 2017, we merged with longtime Crimson Pirate member Chris Leidenfrost’s band, the Roving Blades, and consolidated our repertoire. We will continue to present ourselves as the Crimson Pirates for pirate festivals/renaissance faires and as the Roving Blades for pub gigs and Celtic/Irish festivals.

Our rotating crew consists of Ann Alford, Emma K. Campbell, Spencer Corona, Diana DiCostanzo, Robin Flanagan, Lara Ianni, Don Kilcoyne, Kelly Kilcoyne, Christopher Leidenfrost, Rick Nestler, Dan O'Driscoll, Karen O'Hara, Zac Pierce-Messick, Emily Rouch, Lionel Ruland and Claire Elise Walton. Depending on member availability, venue and budget - we generally perform as a group of 4 to 6 singer/musicians. Since we have multiple members - we can field 2 groups at the same time.

In 21 years of performing - our intrepid little crew has appeared in 2 off-off-broadway productions: The Crimson Pirates: Dead Men Tell No Tales!.. and The Crimson Pirates 2: Born to Plunder!...  In addition - we’ve played at cabarets in Greenwich Village, 'invaded' weddings, a bat-mitzvah, summer camps and numerous drinking establishments - though mostly we play at renaissance faires and pirate festivals across the country.

Our original ‘home’ faire is the New York Renaissance Faire - but we’ve performed at the Bristol Renaissance Faire (Kenosha, WI), the original Renaissance Pleasure Faire (Irwindale, CA), Maryland Renaissance Festival (Crownsville, MD - our 2nd ‘home’), Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire (Manheim, PA), Scarborough Renaissance Faire (Waxahachie, TX), Pirates in Paradise Festival (Key West, FL), Midsummer Fantasy Renaissance Faire (Ansonia, CT), The Medieval Festival @ the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park (New York, NY), The Staten Island Medieval Faire, (SI, NY), Stockwood Renaissance Faire (Hurley, NY), Park City Renaissance Faire (Bridgeport, CT) , the Redland Renaissance Faire (Homestead, FL), the Long Island Pirate Festival (West Sayville, NY), New York Capital District Renaissance Festival (Altamont, NY), Colorado Renaissance Festival (Larkspur, CO), Pittsburgh Renaissance Festival,(Newton, PA), Florida Renaissance Festival (Deerfield, FL), Land of Enchantment Festival (Morrisville, PA) and the Blackbeard Pirate Festival (Hampton, VA).

The Crimson Pirates have produced 7 CDs that are available for purchase at the venues where we perform. Our CDs are also available on CDBaby and iTunes.